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Our story

1propertyhub.com is  a premium listing  for real estate agents, agencies and property owners. we work hand in hand with real estate brokerages and agents and property owners to market their properties to a wide global audience through 1propertyhub.com.

Whether you are a real estate agent or property owner you are certain to appreciate the numerous features and benefits that 1propertyhub.com provides to you is unlimited.

1propertyhub.com also offers a bevy of useful tools and resources through the 1propertyhub.com   dashboard. The login dashboard allows property owners and real estate agent to manage their property listing, Inquiries Management, Leads Managements, Manage Deals, Track Performances, Insight Property Data, Track Activities and Stay Updated About All The Important Activities On Your Properties and scouting other similar properties in the neighborhood.

Take advantage of the amazing flexibility of property Modern search system with multi-select options, geolocation and radius search engine and The most advanced CRM system for real estate.

Real estate Agency Company , they can add all Agents under there Agency account, manage all There agents, assign listing to there agents and more. 


1propertyhub Features

Leads Managements

Never miss a sale! It's never been easier to turn leads into clients

Track Performances

Easily quantify the performance of your team and help them succeed

Inquiries Management

Someone asked a question? Get back to them right away so you don't lose a sale

Insight Property Data​

Analytics and effective insight property data to know better your customers

Manage Deals

Keep track of all the existing and potential transactions with a simple interface

Track Activities

See what your agents and clients are up to in real time

Compare listings